Suspended floor timbers still drying out well

Posted Friday March 31, 2017 by Eric Fewster

Wood moisture content of suspended timber floor joists in Hersey Street retrofit

It’s good to see that the WME (wood moisture equivalent) is now below 20% for all joists except one, indicated by the red line. This is the only sensor in the joist near where it enters the external-facing wall on the street side. I suspect what is happening is that the joist end is getting a bit damp from the brickwork in the wall – either from driven rain and/or rain splashing from the pavement, or from moisture bypassing the DPM from the crawl space wall.

– The elevated grey line is the sensor in the brick sleeper wall – not sure why it keeps going up and down.
– The bottom two lines are the two sensors inside the house
– The dark blue line (left hand side, third from bottom) is the external sensor

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