Retrofit project coordination

Retrofit project coordinator

It is critical that you have someone who can undertake retrofit project coordination during your eco-refurbishment project. This person acts as an ‘air traffic controller’ during the whole retrofit process, and is needed to coordinate everything and everyone. This will include the procurement and delivery of supplies, checking quality control of work (especially airtightness), coordinating the different trades coming and going on different days, ensuring certain trades are fully briefed about the airtightness strategy, as well as ensuring that tasks not related to energy efficiency (e.g. new kitchen or bathroom, or painting) get done at the necessary stage.

We will encourage you to take on this project coordination role yourself, since it will reduce your overall costs and allow you to get more done for the same budget. To enable you to take this on, we can provide on-site advice and support through regular / irregular site visits – for example during critical stages of the renovation process. We can also provide off-site advice remotely through email and telephone. For those who are unable to take on this role, we can act as retrofit project coordinator for projects within the Northwest.